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Hemorrhoid Treatment System (HTS):

Overview: Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable and sometimes painful medical condition that will likely affect half of all people reaching the age of 50.An estimated 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from hemorrhoids.Fortunately, there are many different treatment options available to sufferers, ranging from simple herbal remedies to more invasive procedures like surgery.

Hemorrhoid Treatment System (HTS)


Psyllium Supplements for Hemorrhoid Treatment


Many hemorrhoid sufferers prefer to use herbal remedies for hemorrhoid treatment, rather than conventional medications or treatments. One popular natural supplement that is frequently used for hemroid treatment is psyllium.


Healthy Diet for Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids


Hectic schedules and the proliferation of fast foods have led to many people adopting a diet which does not contain sufficient healthy foods. This rise of this type of diet has in turn increased the occurrence of constipation and hemorrhoids. A healthy diet is therefore key
to preventing hemroids and alleviating the symptoms of the condition.

Components of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet which wi

Adding Psyllium to Smoothies to Treat Hemorrhoids

Smoothies have long been used to provide a filling snack between meals and prevent overeating. What many people do not know is that adding psyllium fiber to these fruity drinks can actually treat hemorrhoids as well.

Psyllium Fiber: An Overview

Psyllium fiber has long been used for overall bowel health. When used to increase fiber in the diet, psyllium helps prevent constipation and diarrhea, two well-known causes of hemroids. Psyllium adds bulk read more...

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