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External Hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids and their Symptoms and Causes

External Hemorrhoids ImageWhat are External Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids affect millions of people across the globe, especially those who live in industrialized countries like the United States. Hemorrhoids are divided into two different categories: internal and external hemorrhoids. Both types are the cause of much discomfort, itching and burning.

External hemorrhoids can be identified more easily than internal hemorrhoids simply because of their obvious nature. You can feel external hemorrhoids at the base of the anal opening. Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, though technically considered internal hemorrhoids, can turn into external hemorrhoids once they begin to protrude from the anal opening. Bleeding hemorrhoids can result even with external hemorrhoids, however this is generally rare. In the instances when it does occur, it happens due to the constant rubbing or pinching of the protruding vein.

What are hemorrhoids exactly?

Hemorrhoids are actually tissues, or cushions, found in the anal canal of all people. These Hemorrhoidal cushions are always found internally, and not on the surface area of the body. However, many vessels supplying blood to these veins can sometimes protrude outside of the body prior to joining the remaining group of veins inside. Any straining  can cause the vessels to swell and become enlarged lumps, which are commonly known as external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids can be felt by physical examination in or around the anal area. What you’ll find are typically fleshy growths around the anal area that feel like hard lumps. The lumps do not actually appear through the anal opening but can be felt close to the rim of the opening. External hemorrhoids appear brown in color, and they can cause irritation such as itching, swelling or burning. Often, bleeding can accompany external hemorrhoids if the situation is particularly aggravated. Rectal pain is another common symptom associated with external hemorrhoids. Remember that Hemorrhoids Symptoms can vary from person to person.

Causes of External HemorrhoidsHemorroids Constipation Tummy Photo

Any type of pressure or straining is the usual cause of external hemorrhoids. The pressure places a great deal of stress on the hemorrhoidal tissue within the anal region. How does the pressure become induced? There are a variety of reasons. This can include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sitting on the toilet for too long
  • Sitting at a desk for too long
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Old age

Digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea seem to be the main culprits of external hemorrhoids. Also, because external hemorrhoids occur much more often in industrialized countries, activities like sitting at a desk or toilet, or even obesity, cause external hemorrhoids to be much more prevalent. You’ll commonly find pregnancy and older age to be another common contributing factor to external hemorrhoids as well.

How to treat external hemorrhoids

Luckily, Hemorrhoids Treatments are easily accessible. There are various available treatments that can help relieve the discomfort of itching, swelling and burning. Analgesics, which are pain-killing and help to numb the area, can be found in most Hemorrhoid Cream formulas. You can also consider adding fiber supplements to your diet since they add bulk to your bowels.

For very extreme cases, surgery can be an option but there are other Hemorrhoids Remedies that can help before taking such drastic measures.

Other soothing ways to treat external hemorrhoids

There are other soothing ways to help treat your condition. To reduce the pain, burning and discomfort that is typically associated with external hemorrhoids, simply take a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes, three times a day. You can even use apple cider vinegar in the bath to aid in relief. Also, try putting an ice pack on the anal area to help relieve swelling. Plus, it’s always a good idea to wear loose clothing and eat a diet rich in fiber. These simple steps can help relieve your Hemorrhoids Symptoms.