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Over the Counter Hemorrhoidal Remedies

Hemorrhoidal Tissue ImageThere are a number of over-the-counter hemorrhoids medications that help provide near-instant relief from the Hemorrhoids Symptoms. How do hemorrhoids medications work? These products work on hemorrhoidal tissue using anesthetic agents and other active ingredients that help ease pain and discomfort associated with inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues. Using over-the-counter medicine for hemorrhoids is a good way to go. Alternatively, try Hemorrhoids Cures to find long-term solutions.

External and internal hemorrhoids have corresponding medications that can work to treat your condition by directly working on the hemorrhoidal tissue itself. Over-the-counter hemorrhoids medications are designed for temporary use, so be sure to check out other available hemorrhoids remedies for chronic conditions. The following list is an overview of the over-the-counter hemorrhoids medications that you can access right away. Most hemorrhoidal symptoms should either disappear or become significantly reduced within a week or so after you begin treatment. If the symptoms persist longer than a week, you should consult your doctor or check out other available Hemorrhoids Relief products that can be used for an extended period of time.


Vasoconstrictors are what you may think of when considering hemorrhoids treatments. These are over-the-counter creams which reduce swelling caused by constricted blood vessels on your hemorrhoids. Vasoconstrictors have an anesthetic effect on the blood vessels and hemorrhoidal tissues. The effect this has is to provide relief from itching, discomfort and inflammation of the affected hemorrhoidal tissues. Vasoconstrictors are not generally recommended for people with blood pressure problems or heart disease. This is due in part to the chemical reactors contained in these products and how they get absorbed through the hemorrhoids. Negative side-effects include a raised blood pressure and abnormal heartbeat, including other long-term negative side-effects. Check out other Hemorrhoids Creams to find less dangerous solutions that can still treat your hemorrhoids just as effectively.


Astringents help to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoidal tissues by shrinking them down. They also act to decrease the amount of secretions your hemorrhoidal tissue may produce. Inflamed, burning and itchy hemorrhoids are reduced by using astringent products. However, remember, they do not help to relieve pain. You should add other treatments in conjunction with astringent products for a full effect of relief. Ingredients like calamine, witch hazel and zinc oxide are the most frequently used astringents for hemorrhoids treatment.

KeratolyticsHemorrhoidal Remedies Image

Keratolytics are yet another type of over-the-counter medicine that help to absolve your hemorrhoids condition. Keratolytics dissolve pesky skin flakes and scales located on your hemorrhoids. This enables the affected hemorrhoidal tissues to better absorb other topical medication, so be sure to use keratolytics with other Hemorrhoidal Remedies. Keratolytics help to reduce itching and skin irritation or sensitivity associated with the both internal and external hemorrhoids. Look for the ingredients Resorcinol and Alcloxa.

Local Anesthetics

Anesthetics help relieve pain associated with hemorrhoids. They work by blocking the active nerves from telling your brain that you’re in pain. This includes symptoms of burning, itching and irritation. Local anesthetics help to provide temporary relief from inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue that may be bleeding or otherwise lacerated. Local anesthetics are mostly used for external hemorrhoids since these are commonly most painful. They work on hemorrhoids by using chemical agents like Benzocaine, Dibucaine, Benzyl alcohol and Lidocaine.


Antipruritics provide temporary relief from the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids, which include pain, burning, itching and discomfort. How do they work? They distract the mind’s perception of these sensations by inducing a new sensation to the area. Look for the ingredients menthol, camphor, and juniper to treat hemorrhoids effectively. These are some of the most well-known antipruritics ingredients. You may want to do some research on the safety of these products. Alternatively, you can try an all-natural based product on your hemorrhoids such as HemClear.


Protectants are an over-the-counter medication that help to reduce the level of inflammation associated with your hemorrhoids. How? It’s simple. As the solution melts onto the hemorrhoidal tissue, it forms a protective barrier over the entire skin area. Protectants also prevent water loss, thus locking in precious moisture so hemorrhoid chafing is avoided. Common ingredients like aluminum hydroxide (found in gels), mineral oil, glycerin (a common hydrator), kaolin, cocoa butter and petrolatum all work well to help protect the hemorrhoidal tissue.