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Shark Liver Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment


Shark liver oil has been used by fisherman in remedies for different health conditions for many years.  Taken from the liver of cold-water dwelling sharks, the oil contains high concentrations of vitamin A, among other substances known to be beneficial to your health.  In Europe today, it is considered a viable alternative medicine for many conditions.  In the United States, shark liver oil is considered a health supplement, and is used as a treatment for many diverse conditions, hemorrhoids being just one.

Uses of Shark Liver Oil

In recent years, shark liver oil has been researched as a potential cancer treatment medication.  In addition to containing squalene and squalamine, which have anti-cancer indications, shark liver oil also contains alkylglycerols, antioxidant substances which are found in bone marrow and breast milk, and which also may have use for cancer treatment.

In addition to being studied as a cancer remedy, shark liver oil is used as a supplement to promote health in a variety of other areas such as wound care, joint health, dry or chapped skin and lips, and respiratory health.  Additionally, shark liver oil is said to boost the immune system and increase energy levels by supplying the body’s cells with more oxygen.

Shark Liver Oil in Hemorrhoid Treatments

The healing properties mentioned above, specifically for wound care, dry or chapped skin and boosting the immune system all make shark liver oil a popular ingredient in hemorrhoids medications, especially topical creams and ointments.  Since hemorrhoidal tissue is in essence inflamed or irritated skin and blood vessels, the properties of shark liver oil can help soothe the affected areas and speed healing.  These hemorrhoids treatments can provide instant relief of the symptoms of itching, burning and irritation that typically accompany hemroids.  Many sufferers who try hemroids treatments containing shark liver oil report quicker relief from symptoms than when they use hemroids medications that don’t contain the supplement.

As with any topical hemorrhoid treatment, the affected area should be cleaned with warm water and soap before application of the hemroids medication.  The area should be gently patted dry with either toilet paper or a soft cloth.  Once that is completed, the hemorrhoids medication can be applied with either a gloved finger or an applicator designed specially for the function.  If one does not come with the hemroids medication, you can generally ask for one at your local pharmacy.

It is always important to read the directions that come with the medication, as some formulas may be intended for use on either internal or external hemroids specifically, while others may be used on both types of hemorrhoids.

As with any medication, if you experience any side effects when using a hemorrhoids treatment that contains shark liver oil, consult your doctor immediately.  Most patients report speedy relief of the uncomfortable symptoms of hemroids when using these formulas, with little or no side effects.