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Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids with Aloe Vera


When dealing with hemorrhoids, the most important thing you can do is to prevent constipation and the straining that goes along with it. Both can cause hemorrhoids to develop, and can aggravate existing hemorrhoidal tissue.

When hemroids do occur, it is important to keep from irritating the already inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue in order to allow the hemorrhoids to heal. There are a number of natural remedies that can be used for hemorrhoids treatment which help soothe and heal inflamed and irritated tissue.

Aloe Vera as a Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera is one popular natural remedy that has proven effective in hemorrhoids treatment. Aloe Vera has long been used to treat burns due to its emollient, demulcent, and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is these same properties which make the plant ideal for a hemroids treatment. Additionally, since it is an all natural remedy, aloe vera has little or no side effects when used for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

When applied to hemroids, aloe vera soothes and relieves inflamed tissue, bringing instant relief. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to shrink inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue, thus allowing the hemroids a chance to heal.

The fact that Aloe Vera is also an astringent is another reason why the plant is effective for treating hemorrhoids. Astringents help shrink hemorrhoidal tissue and also have a soothing effect on hemroids symptoms. Aloe vera helps relieve the itching and burning of hemroids, and reduces swelling.

When using aloe vera to treat hemorrhoids, it is best to use leaves directly from the aloe plant and apply the gel directly to the anus. You can also use an aloe leaf to treat internal bleeding hemroids by washing a leaf in distilled water, peeling back one side and bending the leaf so that it makes a sort of suppository with the peeled side outward. This can then be inserted into the anus to provide relief to internal hemorrhoids.

If you do not have access to an aloe plant, you can use 100% organic whole leaf aloe to treat your hemroids. This can be found in most health food stores. Aloe vera products can also come in the form of suppositories which can be inserted into the rectum to provide relief from hemroids. These suppositories can be put in the freezer for a while before being inserted into the rectum. The cold actually helps provide even more relief from hemroids symptoms like pain and inflammation.

Many sufferers have also been able to administer aloe vera via a fleet enema. Simply blend aloe vera gel to thin the consistency, and then put it through the empty fleet enema apparatus. The gel can remain in the rectum all night once administered, and will provide ongoing relief from hemorrhoids symptoms, including bleeding, pain, and burning.