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Treating Hemorrhoids with Oral Supplements


Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable medical condition that occur when veins in the anal and rectal areas become swollen and inflamed, causing itching, burning and sometimes even pain.  Fortunately for sufferers, there are numerous different treatment options available to alleviate the symptoms of hemroids and even eliminate hemorrhoids altogether.

Hemorrhoids Treatments: An Overview

Some of the most popular treatments for hemorrhoids are creams and ointments that are applied topically.  This method of hemorrhoids treatment is usually very effective and is often the first method of treatment that is attempted.  It can be a hassle, however, to have to apply the medication, since most of the time these topical formulas must be reapplied multiple times per day.

Conventional methods of treating hemroids like diet and lifestyle changes have also proven effective in combating hemorrhoids and their symptoms, but many sufferers cannot make the commitment to stick with the kind of changes that would bring about hemorrhoid relief.

There are also more invasive forms of hemroids treatments that have proven effective in relieving symptoms and eliminating hemorrhoidal tissue.  Rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, direct current electrocoagulation, manual dilation of the anus, infrared photocoagulation and bipolar diathermy are all procedures which have been used successfully to treat hemorrhoids.  The downside of these procedures is that they are often expensive and may require repeated treatments to prevent reoccurrence of hemorrhoids.  Additionally, some of these methods can be painful post-procedure.

Finally, surgery is a treatment option which is usually used only after other methods of hemroids treatment have proven ineffective.  Surgery is also more expensive than medications or diet and lifestyle changes, and can be accompanied by a long and painful recovery period.

Oral Supplements to Treat Hemorrhoids

Oral supplements have gained popularity in recent years as a hemroids treatment.  In general, these supplements are comprised of botanical extracts which serve three main functions: they stimulate circulation, strengthen the immune system and eliminate excess moisture and fats in hemorrhoidal tissue.

Strengthening the blood vessels and improving circulation is an important part of preventing hemroids and alleviating the symptoms of existing hemroids.  Since hemorrhoids are caused by swollen veins in the anal and rectal areas, building up those blood vessels can prevent hemorrhoids from developing.  Furthermore, it can help prevent existing hemorrhoids from becoming worse.  Additionally, many oral supplements for hemorrhoids act as a blood decongestant, allowing circulation to occur more freely through those blood vessels.

Oral supplements usually contain a number of substances that accomplish these tasks.  Antioxidants are popular ingredients in oral supplements for hemorrhoids.  They work to strengthen and protect tissue on a cellular level.  Proanthocyanins and anthocyanins are two other types of substances commonly found in oral supplements to treat hemroids.  These substances also strengthen the blood vessels, and act to calm the nervous system.

Selecting Oral Supplements

In choosing the hemorrhoids treatment that is right for you, you must take into account the severity of your hemorrhoids, and the amount of commitment that you will be able to devote to a cure.  If you decide that oral supplements are right for you, you will find that there are many viable natural formulas that have proven effective at removing hemorrhoids and hemroids symptoms.