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#2 Avatrol – Hemorrhoid Treatment

Avatrol Review
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Approval Rating: 76.3%

Product Claims:

Avatrol is manufactured by Progressive Health Nutraceuticals. Its ingredient focus is different to most hemorrhoid treatments on the market apart from Venapro, our #4. Avatrol contains some of the same natural ingredients found in oldoer remedies. It is taken in capsule form with a concentration on Horse Chestnut. Unlike some of the other treatments, the doses recommended, will keep you on this treatment for a while, therefore prolonging the healing process. They recommend using their formula for a minimum of 45 – 60 days. We recommend a more intense program with stronger ingredients.


Avatrol costs 45.95 for one treatment cycle and 137.85 for four treatments. The price for one bottle is average for a hemorrhoid treatment. But the four treatment cycle is considered expensive.

Our Conclusion:

If Avatrol managed to cut its healing time and lower costs it would perform much better in our ratings. No side effects complained about and a different kind of treatment then some of the others we tested. The cost was ok, although the recommended length of time needed was higher than most.

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Price (1 bottle)

Price (4 bottles)*
(*best value)





1. Witch Hazel check-mark check-mark
2. Horse Chestnut Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark
3. Ginger Root Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark
4. Butchers Broom Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark
5. Rutin Blonde-Psyllium-check-mark
6. Hesperidin Hesperidin-check-mark
7. Diosmin Diosmin-check-mark
8. Cayenne Cayenne-check-mark
9. Oak Straw Oak-Straw-check-mark
10. Billiberry Billiberr-check-mark Billiberr-check-mark
11. Plantain Plantain-check-mark
12. Mullien Leaf Zinc-check-mark Zinc-check-mark Zinc-check-mark
13. Red Root L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark
14. Cascara Sagrada Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark
15. L-Arginine Mullein-check-mark Mullein-check-mark
16. Zinc Red-Root-check-mark Red-Root-check-mark
17. Citrus Citrus-check-mark
18. Oat Fiber Oat-Fibe-check-mark
19. Aloe aloe-check-mark
20. Black Root black-root-check-mark