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#4 Hem-Relief – Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hem-Relief Review
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Approval Rating: 76.1%

Product Claims:

Hem-Relief is a formidable contender in the battle to treat hemorrhoids.  It combines 3 strong hemorrhoid fighting ingredients to help with hemorrhoid relief. Although it has three of the most important ingredients, it is still lacking in several others. One of the main reasons why Hem-Relief is in the #3 position is that lack of ingredients. See full list of ingredients below. Hem-Relief has about one third the ingredients of our top hemorrhoids treatment. Although the ingredients were a little simplistic for our taste, we found  the customer service to be excellent.


For a discounted package price of $119.80, Hem-Relief is $30 more for its 4 bottle special than HemClear. Although, Hem-Relief’s one bottle price is only $39.95. We found that for most of these products, one bottle is not enough. Therefore, you really need to look at the value in terms of package deals. It’s a more expensive solution, but if you’re not worried about the cost and want to alleviate the itching and tenderness, Hem-Relief is a good solution.

Our Conclusion:

As a simple hemorrhoids treatment Hem-Relief is good. While we found that the price was high for the low ingredient count, we did find their customer service helpful. Most consumers felt that it did relieve some of the pain, and sometimes the bleeding.

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Price (1 bottle)

Price (4 bottles)*
(*best value)





1. Witch Hazel check-mark check-mark
2. Horse Chestnut Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark Horse-Chestnut-check-mark
3. Ginger Root Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark
4. Butchers Broom Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark
5. Rutin Blonde-Psyllium-check-mark
6. Hesperidin Hesperidin-check-mark
7. Diosmin Diosmin-check-mark
8. Cayenne Cayenne-check-mark
9. Oak Straw Oak-Straw-check-mark
10. Billiberry Billiberr-check-mark Billiberr-check-mark
11. Plantain Plantain-check-mark
12. Mullien Leaf Zinc-check-mark Zinc-check-mark Zinc-check-mark
13. Red Root L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark L-Arginine-check-mark
14. Cascara Sagrada Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark
15. L-Arginine Mullein-check-mark Mullein-check-mark
16. Zinc Red-Root-check-mark Red-Root-check-mark
17. Citrus Citrus-check-mark
18. Oat Fiber Oat-Fibe-check-mark
19. Aloe aloe-check-mark
20. Black Root black-root-check-mark